Community Fire Safety

Community Fire Safety Vehicle

Cork City Fire Brigade has recently revamped an old Fire engine which was taken off the road two years ago. It has been converted into an educational tool to raise awareness in the community of Fire safety and of the work of the fire service.

The Community Fire Safety vehicle is now being used as part of the primary school education programme which is delivered annually to third class pupils.

Community Fire Safety Vehicle

The vehicle contains the following:

  • A fire alarm and a smoke alarm in order to illustrate their importance and how to use them correctly.
  • Various types of fire extinguishers.
  • An LCD screen to show educational DVD’s.
  • Images taken from a road traffic accident in order to highlight the damage done to the vehicles involved. 
  • Images of a major fire.  
  • A fireplace complete with spark guard. 
  • A series of leaflets are also available in a variety of languages including Irish, Polish and Chinese.