Fire Prevention

Fire Safety Codes and Standards

This section contains a list of codes and standards which address different building types. In will primarily be of use to building designers and building owners. This list is compiled as an aid to designers. The inclusion of any code or standard in the list should not be taken as an endorsement of that code for any particular project.  

Building Regulations

  • Technical Guidance Document B (1997 ) – Fire Safety.
  • Technical Guidance Document K (1997) – Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and Guards
  • Technical Guidance Document M (2000) – Access for People with Disabilities [corrections added in January 2001]  

British Standards  

BS 5588 SERIES Fire precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings

  • Part 1: 1990 Code of practice for residential buildings
  • Part 4: 1978 Code of practice for smoke control in protected escape routes using pressurisation
  • Part 6: 1991 Code of practice for places of assembly
  • Part 8: 1988Code of practice for means of escape for disabled people
  • Part 9: 1989Code of practice for ventilation and air conditioning ductwork
  • Part 10 1991Code of practice for shopping complexes
  • Part 11 1997 Code of Practice for shops, offices, industrial, storage and other similar buildings

BS 5906: 1980 (1987)Code of practice for storage and on-site treatment of solid waste from buildings

BS 5502:Part 23:1990 Buildings and Structures for Agriculture Part 23 Code of Practice for Fire Precautions

BS 5839 Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings

Part 1: 1988 Code of practice for system design, installation and servicing

Part 6: 1995 Code of practice for the design and installation of fire detection and alarm systems in dwellings 

Department of the Environment and Local Government 

This series of guides is issued to assist persons in discharging their statutory fire safety responsibilities under the Fire Services Act 1981. These guides refer to existing Buildings in the uses specified. 

  • Fire Safety in Guest Accommodation
  • Fire Safety in Pre-schools
  • Fire Safety in Flats
  • Fire Safety in Hostels
  • Fire Safety in Nursing Homes 


Fire and the Design of Educational Buildings – Building Bulletin 7 


Code of Practice for the Management of Fire Safety in Places of Assembly

Code of Practice for Fire Safety of Furnishings and Fittings in Places of Assembly

Both issues by the Department of the Environment 

Sports Grounds 

Code of Practice for Safety at Sports Grounds – Department of Education 


Code of Practice for Safety at Outdoor Pop Concerts and other outdoor musical events – Department of Education

Code of Practice for Safety at Indoor Concerts – Department of the Environment and Local Government 

National Standards Authority of Ireland 

I.S. 3217 : 1989 Code of practice for emergency lighting

I.S. 3218: 1989 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems