Operational Brigade

Pre Incident Planning

It is essential that the personnel in each fire station should have readily available to them relevant information as to the buildings in their area which present special risks or where the consequences of fire could be specially serious to high life risk and high life occupancy risk be included in this type of incident planning i.e. hospitals, schools, colleges, shopping centres, multi-storey parking, train tunnels, road tunnel, all shipping movement in and out of harbours in both city and county. This is most easily done in the form of simple fire risk plans indicating the main features of the building, including in particular, means of access and egress for the fire brigade, location of hydrants inside and outside the building, the location of any other available water sources in the immediate area, the general layout of the interior of the building, the location of any inflammable or explosive materials etc. The names, home address and home telephone numbers of relevant persons, such as fire marshal, security officers, should also be recorded, also revisits to these locations would be required to refresh and update records and any changes in local knowledge. Pre incident planning is carried out by fire crews visiting different premises on a systematic basis. These crews remain in radio contact with the control room to deal with any calls.