Operational Brigade


Anglesea Street Fire Station


Anglesea Street Fire Station provides 24 fire cover to the city of Cork for 365 days per year and also houses the Fire Brigade Headquarters for Cork City. This combined building provides the administrative and technical support for both the Fire Service and the Fire Prevention section. It provides office space for the Chief Fire Officer, Senior Fire Officers, administration staff and operational areas for firefighters over core 3 floors.

The Headquarters was opened in 1975 and has largely kept the same layout since opening. There has however been recent refurbishment to the top floor to provide for a Local Co-ordination Centre in the event of a Major Emergency together with a provision for meeting rooms and canteen facilities.


Number of vehicle bays:           

5 core double bay station

1 additional double bay



4 x Class B Fire Engines

1x Hydraulic Platform

1 x Emergency Tender

1 x Control Unit

1 x Water tanker

1 x Incident Support Unit

1 x Hazardous Materials Unit

2 x Ford Ranger Chimney/Rapid Response Units

2 x Transit vans

(A number of reserve vehicles for the above)



Breathing Apparatus servicing room, First aid training room, compressor room, cylinder charging facilities, foam store, ladder store, hose store, water rescue servicing room and store, lecture room, kitchen, canteen area, recreational room, drying room, store rooms, laundry room, Operational Officers administration rooms, Fire prevention and operational offices, administration offices, duty room, dormitories, toilets and showering facilities, drill tower, training yard, gym, maintenance workshops and  Local Co-Ordination Centre rooms.


Number of operational fulltime personnel:           

112 with 28 on each watch

Ballyvollane Fire Station

Sub Station

This is a 2 bay sub station and was newly completed in 2000 to supplement the Fire cover provision to the North side of the city. The station provides accommodation for the single fire engine and reserve which are located here together with facilities for the 24 hour crew based within the station.

The site contains a multipurpose training facility including a number of steel containers with fire compartments, a training yard and drill tower. At the same location is the Civil Defence Headquarters for Cork City. The Civil Defence Headquarters has a number of training rooms that are used by the fire department for both in house and external training events.


Number of vehicle bays:                  

2 single bays



1 Class B Fire Engine

1 Dual purpose transit van



Lecture Room, kitchen, drying room, store room, locker room, gym, offices, recreation room, dormitories and lecture room.


Number of operational fulltime personnel:           

28 with 7 on each watch.